Help with making a graph



I am trying to make a graph and I can't get it the way I'm picturing in my head

I have 200 patients who took a survey, then I had the total amount for their
answers 1-24. I want a graph that shows me how many patients scored 0-4,
5-9, 10-18, 18+...

anyone help?



Bernard Liengme

Make a table like this:
Range Number
0 - 4 45
5 - 9 60
10 - 18 40
18+ 55

Click any one of these cells.
In Excel 2003 (and before) click the Chart Wizard tool and select a Column
chart (the first on)
In Excel 2007 open the Insert tab on the Ribbon and select a Column chart
(the first one)

You may need to format the chart to make it more attractive: borrow Excel
fro Dummies from the library to see how

Repeat the process making a Bar or a Line chart. Which one looks better for
your purpose? Note that you cannot make an XY (Scatter) chart as you have
'category data'

best wishes

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