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I have Sheet1 with 3 columns; (Column A) Lot Number, (Column B) Lot Address,
(Column C) Resident

In Sheet2 I need something like

if cell Sheet2!A2 contain value from Sheet1 ColumnA (any cell in column A)
then Sheet2!A3 will contain the value from Sheet1 ColumnB (same row)

To clarify if i enter a lot number I want in the cell next to it the Lot
Both calues are in Sheet1 same row

I try to do =IF(C2=1,Sheet2!B1,IF(C2=2,Sheet2!B2)) and it works fine but i
need to stop to 62 because of the nesting limit in Excel
I need to get to 82

I hope this is clear



Jacob Skaria

Check out help on VLOOKUP()

In Sheet2 cell A2 enter a lot number. In cell B2 enter the below formula


and in cell C2 enter


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