Help with error trapping and raising



Any help appreciated as very hard to test because error occurs infrequently.

The error received by the CALLING routine of the procedure below is:
"...Cannot get connection, pool error Timout..."
which occurs after ONLY 1 retry (I know because I 'Call prcErrorsLog' on
every retry to record the retry number); when I want it to retry 10 times.

The errorhandler 'PennyTelAPIServiceErrorHandler ' seems to be called and
raises the error back up the stack to the top calling program.

Public Sub wsm_sendSMS(ByVal str_id As String, ByVal str_password As String,
ByVal lng_type As Long, ByVal str_to As String, ByVal str_message As String,
ByVal dtm_date As Date)

Dim intCountLoop As Integer

'Error Trap
On Error GoTo wsm_sendSMSTrap


sc_PennyTelAPIService.sendSMS str_id, str_password, lng_type, str_to,
str_message, dtm_date

Exit Sub


'Retry sending SMS 10 times.
If intCountLoop < 10 Then
DelaySeconds (1.5)
intCountLoop = intCountLoop + 1
' Record retries to see how often it is retried.
Call prcErrorsLog("Retry = " & intCountLoop & " 'wsm_sendSMS'")
GoTo RetrySendSMS
End If

PennyTelAPIServiceErrorHandler "wsm_sendSMS"

End Sub

Private Sub PennyTelAPIServiceErrorHandler(str_Function As String)
'This subroutine is the class error handler. It can be called from any
class subroutine or function
'when that subroutine or function encounters an error. Then, it will
raise the error along with the
'name of the calling subroutine or function.

'SOAP Error
If sc_PennyTelAPIService.FaultCode <> "" Then
Err.Raise vbObjectError, str_Function,
'Non SOAP Error
Err.Raise Err.Number, str_Function, Err.Description
End If

End Sub


Thanks BruceM - see definition below of sc_PennyTelAPIService

Private sc_PennyTelAPIService As SoapClient30

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