Help with defining names



Is there some way to give a formula with a name without having to
manually retype the whole thing? I have a big formula that works
perfectly, and I'd like to define it as a name so I can use the
formula in several different places. I can't paste it in the Define
Name > Refers to: box and it's too long for me to type in manually
without making an error.

I should mention that the sheet I'm using now has the formula
functioning this way (as a defined name), but the formula has changed
and editing it is impossible because I can't scroll through the
formula to change values without inserting cell references.




Teethless mama

to insert a define name press F3 and select availble defined name in a dialog

T. Valko

If you want to edit the named formula *within* the Insert>Name>Define
refedit ***press function key F2 first***. This puts you in edit mode and
won't insert cell refs when you navigate the refedit with the arrow
directional keys.



David Biddulph

You don't need to retype the formula time and time again. You can copy
(either the cell, or from the formula bar, depending on what you want to
achieve)and paste.
The process of defining a name has been addressed by another contributor to
the thread.

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