help with datedif function please


bill gras

I have names and dates in columns , every time the name changes
I need the difference from that date untill to day's date.
With the same name I need the difference between the dates eg:

A b c
1 vit 05/12/2009 datedif untill TODAY()
2 vit 20/11/2009 datedif between A1-A2
3 vit 04/07/2009 " " A2-A3
4 vit 24/06/2009 " " A3-A4
5 vit 15/06/2009 " " A4-A5
6 tom 21/11/2009 datedif untill TODAY()
7 tom 08/11/2009 datedif between A6-A7
8 tom 21/03/2009 " " A7-A8
9 tom 28/02/2009 " " A8-A9
10 swop 28/11/2009 datedif untill TODAY()
11 swop 04/11/2009 datedif between A10-A11
12 tate 28/11/2009 datedif untill TODAY()
13 tate 18/06/2009 datedif between A12-A13
14 tate 31/05/2009 " " A13-A14
15 tate 16/05/2009 " " A14-A15
16 tate 08/03/2009 " " A15-A16

and so on The names are at random sequinces

Can some one please help

bill gras

T. Valko

Try this...

Use a cell to hold today's date

E1: =TODAY()

Enter this formula in C1:


Enter this formula in C2 and copy down as needed:


Format column C as General or Number

T. Valko

You'd have to do something for the last entry in the range. If the names are
in A1:A10, dates in B1:B10, when you copy the formula down to row 10 then
you get:


Assuming A11 and B11 are empty cells, then you get an incorrect result.

bill gras

Hi T.Valko
Thank you for your reply and your time
the formula works perfectly ,that's just what I
was looking for !

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