Help with creating database


Phil S.

I'm a recent college graduate at a new job. I am trying to help my company
move a report that is currently done in Excel into Access.

To help you better understand my goal I will try to describe my business and
the nature of this report as briefly as possible.

We are a clothing designer. All of our product is produced in factories
overseas and delievered to our clients in the U.S.

Our W.I.P. report is currently in Excel. It's purpose is to give us an
up-to-date picture of what part of the production line our products are
currently in. Information on this report includes Style names and
descriptions; Fabric testing status; shipping information; fitting
information; etc. All of this information is gathered and input to an Excel
spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can get big, and become difficult to navigate or
read. The major problem is that each piece of information comes from
different departments and is re-entered by the people in charge of managing
the report. This leaves too much room for error.

My idea is to create a database where each category of information is
divided by department. I would like to have simple forms that each department
is responsible for entering their data into. Rather than having one person or
department fetch all of this data.

The only important stipulation is that the records need to be able to be
sorted Shipping dates and style#.

We also have multiple clients. Would it make more sense to have a separate
database for each? Or just one database for all?

I'm new to access, but am a quick learner. I would appreciate very much if
anyone can help walk me through the basic fundamentals and concepts of how a
database like this could be designed.



Would it make more sense to have a separate database for each? Or just one
database for all?
One database with a field in your table that is related to a client table so
for data entry the person select client instead of typing each time to avoid

You did not say how your data was to be used or how often.

You did not say how Style, descriptions, testing status, shipping
information, fitting
information, etc. is expressed in you 'report'.

Phil S.

I didn't want to be too specific in my first post, as the report can be a
little complicated, but I'll outline the fields below: (each group of fields
falls into a different category or department that is responsible for the

Group Name = Delivery Time Period (ie. May/June)
Style Number = Identifies product (ie. 000123)
Description = Product Summary (ie. V-Neck Tank Top)
Color = Color (ie. Sky Blue)

Cut Ticket# = Order number for factory to create goods (ie. 100012)
Quantity = Number of units
Issue Date = Date when ticket was issued.

Customer PO# = ie. 123456
PO Quantity = quantity ordered from customer
PO date = date ordered

Fabric at factory = date arrived
Approval = date fabric approved
Test = date fabric tested
Inspection = date fabric inspected

Etc, etc, etc.

This information is constantly looked at and updated over a period of weeks
to months. Every few months is a different season and these orders are
generally per season. So the entire order is tracked over a couple months,
and then onto a new order, and new report.

I would like for each department of the company to be able to input their
"piece of the pie," or report through a customized form. In the end the
entire report would be pieced together and viewable as a whole.


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