Help with code statement



Could someone help me understand what this code snippet is doing? I am
new at this and just learning. I am trying to comment this code to
understand what is happening but its not completely correct.



range is defined and is compared to cell A7 which is person id, if
person id is found more than once, then


The syntax for the Lookup function is:

Lookup( value, lookup_range, result_range )
2 , 1/A$2:$A$41=A7

So it looks like the look up looks for 2 and then why 1/lookup range?
what does this do for you?


Does "" mean if the condition isnt met u get "" or no data printed?

Dave Peterson

If there are at least 2 cells in A2:A41 of the promotion worksheet that are
equal to the value in A7, then the next portion returns the entry in column C
(C2:C41) that has the last match in column A.

will return a 40 element array of true and false values.

1/(true or false)
will either be 1 or a divided by 0 error (true=1, false=0 when used in

lookup(2,(array or 1's or errors))
will find that last 1--the last matching entry for A7.

And the lookup() will return that value in column C for the matching row.

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