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John Cosmas

I have the MSComCtl2.MonthView.2 (Microsoft MonthView Control 6.0/SP4)
placed on a form, and I'm having the age old problem of using the DAYBOLD
property. If I were to put the form in DESIGN MODE and then press RUN, the
Calendar works fine. But, if I am to re-run the form the second time
without putting the form in DESIGN mode first, the DAYBOLD fails and none of
the selected/programmed date items on the calendar shows up BOLD. And yes,
I did add it from the INSERT ACTIVEX CONTROL located on the toolbar.

If there is a better Calendar control (NOT DATETIMEPICKER), please
recommend. My objective is to show a calendar so I can indicate DAYBOLD.


John Cosmas


Thanks, this will work, plus I can certainly use the controls to do my
project management stuff.

John Cosmas

Stephen Lebans

The DayBold property is initially very difficult to work with. Have a look
at the code for this prop behind the MonthCalendar class here: is an A97 database containing a Class that wraps the
Microsoft Month Calendar Common Control in an easy to use interface.

A2K Version here: MonthCalendar Access

This is a completely API generated Month Calendar derived directly from the
Common Control DLL.

What this means is that there are no distribution or versioning issues as
there are if you use the ActiveX Month Calendar control. In other words this
is not an ActiveX control

Stephen Lebans
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