Help with Business Contact manager V's Outlook with BCM Update



Can anyone please explain the difference between "Business Contact Manager"
which came on the second CD included in the Microsoft Office 2003
Professional package (when I got it a couple of years ago)


the MS CD " Business Contact Manager Update " which was released in May
2005. Although I can find some information here

The product is described as “ Microsoft Outlook 2003 with Business Contact
Manager Update “ - & there is NO information or explanation to say if this
will update the previous product or if it is a new version of Business
Contact Manager.
I would appreciate some help as a call to the local MS office say it is only
an update, yet what is on the above link seems to contradict that.




The "update" is version 2.0 of BCM. What's on the CD will depend on
when you got it. Office 2003 shipped with version 1.0 of BCM, but the
boxes were updated with version 2.0 at some point. You'll have to ask
Microsoft why they chose to call it "update" instead of 2.0.

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