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I have a list of golfers names in A1-A6 (A1=Smith, A2=Jones,A3=Johnson,
A4=Walker, A5=Martin and A6=Peach.

In column B next to their names are each golfer's score (B1=75, B2=78,
B3=80, B4=84, B5=85, B6=88).

In column C (C1-C6) I want the golfers names to appear in order (C1-C6)
based on their scores in column B. So if I changed the score in B4 to "72",
I want his name to move from C4 to C1 and the names that were in C1, C2 and
C3 to move down 1 spot each in the C Column.

I also need this to work if two or more of the golfers have the same score.
For example...if three golfers all tie for the best score with a 70, I need
them to appear in C1-C3 and the rest of the golfers to appear in order in
C4-C6 respectively.

Is this possible?

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