Help with an IF statement please...



Hello all...

I have a column with these values (A+, A, A-, B+, B.....) and I am
trying to assign numerical values to each grade I thought I had the
formula down but I keep getting error messages... can you please tell
me what I did wrong...

Here is what I tried to enter...


Any and all help greatly appreciated!


Shhhh if your using XL2007 then modify your formula to
However if you have XL2003 or earlier it won't work as XL2003 only accepts 7
'IF' statements

helene and gabor

col B col C
A+ 100
A 95
A - 90
B+ 89
B 85
B- 80
C+ 79
C 75
C- 70
D 69
D- 65
in col. A1 we put the grade say: C+

The formula say in D10: Lookup(A1,B1:B11,C1:C11)

best regards,

Gabor Sebo

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