help with acessing folders



hello here is the strange situation

I have a laptop and a desktop
the desktop also has a wireless card

when I connect via tha wireless network in ad-hoc mode
everthing works fine, and I can access the shared folders from the laptop to
the desktop and vise versus. I also have internet via ICS on the desktop.

however when I connect via lan wire (through a router) I have internet and
sharing folders only in one direction... in other words the desktop caan
acess the laptop shared folders but the laptop cannot browse the desktop
giving me an error (see screenshot )

both computers are xpsp2 and there are no strange settings.. using simple
folders sharing..

I can remote desktop either way since both PCs have pro.

it should work!!!! but it doesnt.

any ideas? i have ran out of ideas....


Have you tried setting up the home network again as I'm pretty sure you have
to set things slightly differently when it asks how each connects to the
internet. It seems you have connected both computers to each other rather
than creating a network and putting both computers on it and enabling file


oh I have never used that automated wizard..

I set up using static IPs and workgroup not mshome...


Give it a try it's quite straight forward

bamboozle said:
oh I have never used that automated wizard..

I set up using static IPs and workgroup not mshome...


i found what the culprit was..

I had set up the desktop pc to use ICS (internet connection sharing) from
the lan card to the wireless card. I did this because I wanted to access the
internet via wireless on the laptop. However when I was using the lan cable
it somehow mixed it mixed up stuff. Once I disabled it everything worked as

so its not big a deal.. i can turn that ICS off and on.. and eventually ill
get a wireless router do I wont have to use ICS from the desktop to the

i posted back just in case anyone else has the same problem..

thanks for your help

Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

If you have a Router you do not need to use ICS when you are connect
directly computer to computer.
ICS is software Router and you already have a Router. So if you have WinXP
Pro or Vista you should use Bridging instead.
Type the term Bridging to Windows native Help.
Jack (MVP-Networking).

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