Help with a formula (Multiple lines to sum and return if)




Thank you in advance for the help. One sheet one I would like to return the
sum of data from sheet two if the salesperson name matches. Here are the

Sheet 1
In column A I have the names of sales people (listed by row) - header is
In column B I have cells available to total the sales people numbers by month

Sheet 2
In column A, the sales people are listed many times
In column B, lists the Account name (not important for this help)
In column C, is the total sold to that customer

Now in the B column, I would like to match the name of the salesperson and
sum all of their dollars sold in column C.

I hope I did not make a train wreck of this explanation.


T. Valko

Try this...

Entered in B2 of Sheet1 and copied down as needed.




in column B enter


change range to fit your needs

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