Help window 2000 doesn't restart???


Norman Fritag

Hi there,

I am wondering what I could do differently?

On my PC I have Win 2000 Professional Install. It works fine when it is
loaded. When I turn off the PC and want to restart it at a later stage it
comes up with an Startup disk I/0 error: Status = 0000A00 NTDetect failed???

I use then the repair disk to load back into win 2000 and all works fine.

If I reboot, I don't have that problem.

What can I do about it other than scrapping the disk totally and then
reinstall everything again?
or reinstall win 2k into a different directory? ( I have done that. It
produces the same error.)

Could this problem have to do with the boot sequence, which is set to CD;
C-drive: a: ??

I am open for suggestion.

kind regards



Pegasus \(MVP\)

You should first try to isolate the problem. You can do this by
making a Win2000 boot disk like so:

- Format a floppy disk on your Win2000 PC.
Don't do it on a Win9x PC - it won't work.
- Copy these files from the \i386 folder of your Win2000 CD
to A:\
- Type this command:
type c:\boot.ini > a:\boot.ini

Now change your boot sequence to: A: CDROM C:

Leave the boot disk in drive A: and see if you can reproduce
the problem, then report the result.

You should also state this:
- Size of drive C:
- File system of drive C: (FAT32/NTFS)
- Date of your virus scanner's latest pattern file

Norman Fritag

Hi there

thanks for your responds.

here are the results:
C: drive size = 8500 Kbytes
formatted to NTFS
last virus scan Friday: 19/12/2003

Now the Problem is the same:
first statement is: disk I/0 error: Status = 0000A00 NTDetect
than followed by error message:
Windows couldn't start because the following file is missing or corrupted: <
windows 2000 root>\system 32\ntoskrnl.exe

the same results occurred whilst running save mode.

kind regards




Pegasus \(MVP\)

The error message appears to have changed a little. First it was
"ntdetect failed" whereas now it relates to ntoskrnl.exe. This
makes me wonder what's actually on your disk. Try this:

- Get a copy of ntfsdos.exe from
- Boot your machine with a Win9x boot disk from
- Run this command: ntfsdos.exe /L:E
- Examine drive E:. It should show all the files and
folders that you normally see on drive C:. Is ntoskrnl.exe
where it should be?
- Copy ntoskrnl.exe to A:, then compare it with the
original from the CD.

Also: It's fine that you scanned your machine only a few
days ago - but when did you last update your virus scanner?

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