Help? Support?



I have only used Wintel computers when I absolutely had to. A surge through
a cable modem has me in that regrettable corner for the time being. I have a
notebook for the sole purpose of running a database program. Due to my Mac
problem I am using it now also for email/Web needs ... about three weeks. In
that time I have naively downloaded Windows "updates."

I'm surfin' OK, but now the database program won't run. I get the a 16-Bit
Windows notice --
C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\autoexec.nt. This system file is not suitable for running
MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows files.

So here I am in search of help ... support. The last time I was in Windows
hell, these newsgroups were monitored by the MS MFs and you might actually
get some help ... support. But from perusing the posts here, I must conclude
that Windows XP offers myriad problems, but little help or support.

You got to wonder why Bill is still a Billionaire. (To be fair, MS has
produced some pretty good Mac versions of its standard software menu. Gee,
could the flaw be inherent to the OS? Hmmmmm.)




Great idea................crap on the OS, then all the people you need help




You are the man!!! After surfing my very round mind through some very square
internet websites, imagine my relief when I found a link from heaven that
cleared up my problem in about 3 secs. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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