Help, Query Refresh windowm appearing....



Hopefully someone here can help me out. I'd be most appreciative.

When I open one of my Excel spreadsheets, I get a window popping up headed
"Query Refresh".

The details are along the lines of....
This workbook contains queries to external data that refresh automatically....
If you trust the source you can enable automatic query refresh....

and then there are buttons to "Enable automatic refresh" and "Disable
automatic refresh"

I do have queries in the workbook but in the Data Range Properties of each,
none are set to automatic refresh. I've never seen this message before and
can't for the life of me stop it from popping up everytime I open the

Any ideas how to stop it anybody?



Is it possible that there is a workbookopen event handler that is supposed to
be checking the autorefresh but isn't and is just refreshing?

Peter Richardson


Hi Peter,

Thanks for replying. I have an Auto_Open but it's doing exatly what I've
told it. I don't think I have any Workbook Open events set up unless someone
else messed about with it. I can't imagine anybody I work with would have
that savvy but I'll check.

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