Help plz re Windows Easy Transfer


W Cubed

I'm attempting to move files and folders from an old laptop (XP SP2),
to a new one (Vista Home Premium) with Windows Easy Transfer using a
router. The program successfully installed on both computers, but
when I select "All personal files (recommended)" on my old computer I
get an error message:

"There was an error scanning the data on your system.
Windows Easy Transfer will now be cancelled."

What should I try next?


This is not a reply but I also need help with ETW. I have an old (XP SP3)
and I am attempting to transfer files over to my new laptop with VHP. ETW is
installed on old computer, after I start the program amd click "Next" the
program stops running and I have to "end task" in WTM. I tried deleting and
reinstalling twice, same result. Any suggestions?

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