Help please - not sure



I'm not sure how to do what i need to do. I think it will be easier to
explain if I do an example

count size type
43 4x4 XPS
1 4x8 EPS
3 4x4 Comp
0 4x8 EPS
2 3x2 XPS

Ok on a separate worksheet I need to Add all the XPS and if there are any
(anything greater than 0) then on the other sheet I need it to say "yes". The
worksheet is going to be just a quick glance instead of going in to all the
separate warehouses...... So in the example, EPS has 0 so it wouldn't say
anything, it would remain blank. I hope this makes sense.


Yes - thank you it worked.

Simon Lloyd said:
Im not sure what you mean?, if you want to sum the total for XPS then
use =SUMIF(C1:C5,"XPS",A1:A5) (assuming your range is only 5 rows deep)
if you want it to simply put yes or none then use
=IF(SUMIF(C1:C5,"XPS",A1:A5)>0,"Yes","None"), is this what you wanted?

Simon Lloyd

Simon Lloyd
'The Code Cage' (


You are right, it wouldn't be blank. In the example, I didn't mean to put 2
EPS, I thought I had only done the one with the 0. Which the 0 would have
been blank, but I didn't mean to put the 1 for EPS in there.... sorry....

What the previous poster put worked.

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