Help! No sound with CD-ROM




I'm hoping someone here can help me. My wife is trying to run an
educational CD-ROM as part of her nursing education (Foundations of
Fetal Monitoring). It was made in 1998 and says Made with Macromedia
and Quicktime on it.

Our computer is running Win2K. We've got a DVD burner (Lite-On, which
has the audio cable attached to it), and a CD burner (LG). Audio CDs
and DVDs work fine from the DVD drive, and most other games, etc. work
from both. With this particular CD, all the video and animations
work, but we get no sound at all from either drive, which is kind of
important because most of the content is narration. I took the CD to
my computer at work, which has the same version of Win2k on it, and
the sound works there.

The version of QT on the CD is much older than the current version, of
course. When my wife first ran it, she loaded that old version. I
tried it, then uninstalled it and the CD components, reinstalled the
current QT and the CD without the older QT, and still no sound.

Keeping in mind that this does work on another Win2k machine, and our
sound works for just about everything else...any suggestions??



I know this does not help but it might be a compatibility
issue with the sound card (drivers) sorry. Maybe an
updated driver would work.


Thanks...but that's not it. I've got everything completely updated in
terms of drivers and Windows updates. I called tech support for the
company that made the program; they suggested reinstalling without
having anti-virus and firewall programs luck. Everything
else seems to work (other than really old things that don't run with
Win2k at all). Again, this does work on my work computer, running the
exact same OS...any other ideas?!?

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