Help - Network printer driver loading problem



Our XP home server and our laptop running Vista Home Premium do see each other in our home network
and we can transfer files between them. As of now we never were able to load the driver at the
laptop for printing at the server. The same printer can be loaded on a USB port in the laptop and
it works well.

As I try the following to load a network printer - Start, Printers, Add a printer, it asks, 'Add a
local printer' or 'Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer', I chose Add a network printer, it
shows the available printers, I chose the HP LaserJet 1022, and it says connecting, but that is
the end of it. The description of the error is -

"Windows cannot connect to the printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Please
restart the spooler or restart the machine."

"Spooler Subsystem App stopped working and was closed"

Any idea how to fix it? How to restart the spooler? I have restarted the laptop and tried several
times, but the same result. Appreciate help.


Thank you for the reply. Amazingly, I have been able to load
one printer driver off the network, but the second exact same
printer will not load. Both were loaded from the same software
CD, and both are exact same printers. As I said, when I connected
the same printer directly to the laptop, through USB port, I was
able to load the driver and the remaining printer software without
any problem. All I can say, that I can at least use one printer by
plugging it in. It is frustrating. I have downloaded the latest
software for HP LaserJet 1022 for Vista, but it did not work.
I have reloaded Vista OP System three time times already.
I have learned the "print spooler on" and "print spooler off"
process, but that does not reset the spooler properly.

Frustration has no end. Thanks you so much.


I may be missing something. Would you please give me an idea how to load the
printer driver? This is what I did - I have the printer on the XP Pro PC., and the
printer is working perfectly. Everybody else is using the printer, since they are
using XP op system. From my laptop running Vista, I see the Printer on the
network, but as I go through the 'Add a printer' from the laptop, (or I double click
the printer icon) it tries and then after about 30 seconds, it says, it cannot load
the printer driver. Where do I go to load the 'other' driver for the network
printer? Thanks for the posting.


I have no idea how and why it is working now.

This is what I have done - click on,
1. "Start"
2. "Printers"
3. "Add a printer"
4. "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer"
5. Although I see the printer listed, but I chose :-
"The printer that I want isn't listed" (I lied)
6. "Select a shared printer by name"
7. Click on "Browse"'
8. Select the name of the Network PC
9. Select the name of the printer as showed up (same printer name)

And that's all ! It is working now! What was I doing wrong?

Thank you all. Appreciate the help.

(Vista is a pain in the ............)

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