Help needed with [TempVar].[MyVar]




I searched the forum for answers for my problem and didn't find anything
so... here it goes...

I have a COMBOBOX (combo10) and a TEXT BOX (textbox33). The COMBOBOX is on a
form (Form1) and the textbox on another form (Form2).

The COMBOBOX Row Source is taken from one table (Table1) and the values are:

ID Field1
1 a
2 b
3 c

The COMBOBOX has the following macro on After Update:

Name = MyVar
Expression = [combo10]

The TEXT BOX has the following Control Source: =[TempVars]![MyVar]

I want that when the value on the combobox is changed, for example "b", the
text box to show be value "b". Instead of that, the text box changes with the
value "2", which is obviously the ID of value "b" from my table.

All I want is when I change the value to the combo10 to display that value
in the textbox ast TempVar.

Thank you very much!
May 26, 2014
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I have [prodn run date] combobox and [project start date] combobox in a data entry form

[prodn run date]'s control source is "prodn run date"

i need [project start date] be equal to [prodn run date] after the update of [prodn run date].

however, if i click in [project start date], i need [project start date] be editable to any date.

I tried Settempvar in [prodn run date]
name: MyVar
expression: [prodn run]

and the control source of [project start date] as =[Tempvars]![MyVar]

however, i don't know how to make [project start date] to be editable.

please help...

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