Help needed configuration Norton Personal Firewall in front of my VPN server

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William Wenjie Wang


I've set up a win2k prof machine as VPN server. I could using VPN to
connect my laptop from the same lan to the VPN server. I could also connect
to the VPN server over the internet if the firewall is disable. After
establishing the VPN connection, I do noticed that local port TCP 1723 is
connect to foreign IP which happens to be from my laptop. The problem is
after I enable my norton personal firewall2002, I'm no longer able to
connect to the VPN server, even though I've enabled the incoming TCP1723
port in my firewall.

btw, my firewall doesn't block outgoing VPN connection, I can still connect
to remote machine from my win2k behind the firewall.

I'm sure it the configuration problem, but I don't know how to configure it
properly? Any help is much appreciated.


Kumaravel Thillai [MSFT]


PPTP protocol uses both TCP port 1723 and GRE protocol no.47. I guess
you have opened port1723 in your firewall but not GRE protocol. So allow
the GRE protocol packets in your firewall and that should do the trick.


William Wenjie Wang


Thanks for the reply.

I seems not able to enable GRE protocol no. 47 with Norton Personal Firewall
2002, The protocols supported are TCP, UDP, and ICMP. There seems no place
could allow me to enable GRE port. I think in that case I have to draw the
conclusion that Norton Personal Firewall does not support VPN.


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