Help! My Workbook is HUGE!



I have a workbook with 9 worksheets. I've followed the instructions from the
following link: However, I
still have all of the rows below my data. Is there another way to delete
unused rows? Or do I need to check to see if there is data hidden in the
rows? I'm at a loss. It takes forever to open the workbook, save or make

Thanks for any advice.


Those empty rows will not disappear. If your workbook has a lot of
formulas (esp array formulas), formatting, fonts, etc, you may hit
Excel's dependency limit.

Check out
for more info

You should press Ctrl-End on each worksheet, then highlight ALL empty
rows/columns to the right & bottom of your data, hit Save and repeat
until all worksheets are cleaned. Close and reopen file.

If that still doesn't work, consider rebuilding/recreating your
workbook from scratch. You can cut and paste the data from each
worksheet into new worksheets in a new workbook, this should solve
some of your problems.


Jim Thomlinson

Once you deleted the rows did you save the workbook. The size will not
decrease until you do.

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