Help! Mirror boots only from floppy



Trying to move a functioning server installation onto a new (larger) hard
drive. No
problem, right? Just insert the new drive and build a mirror from Disk
Manager. Then power down, remove the power cable from the original drive
and power up. No boot.

If I copy the boot files onto a floppy, the drive boots fine. I've verified
that the files are indeed present on the hard drive, and the floppy's
boot.ini actually works unaltered.

What am I missing? If it boots from the floppy, boot.ini unaltered, it
should be something wrong with the MBR, no?

(unusual side note: booting from CD into the Recovery Console shows winnt as
being drive "F" instead of "C" like I would have thought. Running fixboot
and fixmbr has no effect. Booting into Windows from the floppy and looking
at Disk Mgr shows "C" and "E" like they should be, and reports no problems.)

Thanks for any insight...this problem is getting old fast.



Bjorn Landemoo

Funny that it works from a floppy, this way of copying using a mirror does
usually not work at all.

Anyway, I agree that it should be the MBR, and that fixmbr should solve the

Another possibility would be to use a third party utility, called MBRtool,
downloadable from:

Best regards


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