help - logon wont work




I have another laptop, and when i turn it on, i try to press my button to
access my user profile and this is coming up:

The User Profile Service service failed the logon

User Profile Cannot be Loaded.

I have restarted my laptop, and took out the battery and inserted it again
but it keeps coming up.

Is there anyway to resolve this, if not, how do i reboot my laptop??

Thank You



Mark L. Ferguson

Look for Recovery options you might have available. Press F8 during the
'black screen' right after the BIOS screen of a restart. If you get to a
"Command prompt" you can run a command to make the default "Administrator"
account available, which will have a blank password.
From that Command Prompt, run the command:

Net user administrator /active:yes

Restart normally, and use that account to create a new user.
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Mark L. Ferguson


the actual account im trying to log into doesnt have a password, there is
only 1 account on the laptop, you just click on it and it logs you in. i
tried to press F8 both nothing happened.


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