HELP! locked drive with security tab



This is a BIG problem. I have somehow denied all access to one of my hard
drives. When I attempt to open it, it says "D:\ is not accessible. Access is
denied." When I right click the drive, click properties and then the Security
tab it says "You do not have permission to view the current permission
settings for (D:), but you can make permission changes". Usually you would
click the Advanced button and then the Owner tab, select the Administrators
account and check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" to take
ownership and fix the problem but the tick box just isnt for this particular

In the "Advanced Security Settings for (D:)", I cannot replace the owner on
subcontainers and objects as I have said above in the Owners tab, I cannot
create any new auditing settings under the auditing tab, but I can add
permissions under the Permissions tab. But, after selecting the user and the
permissions for that user, it pops up with an error saying "Unable to save
permissions on (D:). Access is denied."

I have already searched the Microsoft knowlegebase, and trust me there is no
solution in it.

If it helps Im running Windows XP Professional SP2 and there appears to be
no predefined groups or user names that have ownership of the drive. If you
understand my problem please help!!!


OK, try this:
1. Make sure that you are logged into an administrator account that has full
LOCAL admin rights.
2. Go to properties for the drive, security tab, click advanced, click
owners tab, and make your username the owner.
3. Click OK. (Do not postpone this step!)
4. Click OK again in the properties popup. (Do not postpone this step!)
5. Go back to properties for the drive. Go to Security. Now add your
username for full control.

I think that this will fix the problem.

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