Help in creating a formula




I would like to have a formula in E2 (The comment row) that would recognize
the 3 digits in B2, and copy it in E2.

My problem is that I need for the person to enter in E2 PW and have the 159
write itself right away, re3cognizinf what was inputed in »B2 and then the
person would go on with for example 203. So in the cell E2 I would get

4 digits 3 digits 5 digits Voir (*) Comment Nom du projet / Project
4450 159 DKxxx 1000 PW159203 CSeries
Thank you in letting me know if this is possible.



Jim Thomlinson

That could be done with macros but it can not be done in formulas. As soon as
the users types n cell E2 they are overwriting any formula that may be in

Jim Thomlinson

Depends... Assuming you have 2 letters followed by the 3 digits and then the
remaining digits added on you could use a formula similar to this in an
adjacent cell

=LEFT(E2, 2) & B2 & MID(E2, 3, 256)
Now type PW203 in E2 and the formula will return PW459203


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