HELP!!! "find now" is changing my view from "day/week/month" to"Active Appointments"



I'm in the calendar, day/week/month is the current view. The "find
now" is enabled (ctrl-e) so that the "look for" box is visible at the
top of my day view. I'm looking for an appointment with the work
"ordering" in the subject. I know it's there, I made it. I put
"ordering" (no quotes) in the "Look for" box. "Search in" is set to
"Calendar". On the right, under "Options" "Search all text in each
message" is enabled. I click on "Find Now" and the "Current View" in
the advanced toolbar (which is visible) changes to "Active
Appointment", and the search finds nothing. Probably because the
"Active Appointment" filter is NOT showing the appointment in
question, probably because the appointment is not an "Active

Does anyone know why the "find now" is changing the current view from
"day/week/month" to "Active Appointments"?

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Professional edition
ver 2003 (11.8217.8221)

Thanks in advance.
Barrington, RI

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