Help figuring out FrontPage icon/navigation



I am editing a website that someone else created in FrontPage and I
can't figure out how to edit the navigation bar to the left. The site
is built in frames and has certain navigational options only available
with a log in. So when I view the main bar frame I don't see the
words, instead it's an icon that I don't know how to get into to
function or edit. The icon is a small yellow box with a website
looking window angled inside it and 3 small boxed coming out of it.
(Sorry if this makes no since)

Can anyone tell me what the icon is exactly and how would I edit it???
I need to delete an option within that navigational menu.

Thanks for any help or even getting me in the right direction,



Thomas A. Rowe

With the site open directly in FP, switch to Navigation View and the review the help files for how
to work with FP navigation.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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