Help Customizing Project Management Database Template



I starting working with the Project Management Database Template for Access
2007. If someone is familiar with using this Template, could they help?

I'm having trouble with (i think) the existing macros. First of all, the
Template included tables for Employees. I changed this to Stakeholder, and
attempted to link more than one Stakeholder to a Project. In the Projects
table, I changed Employee to Owner, and added fields for various disciplines
(i.e. Engineer, Surveyor, etc.). I changed the Project Details form, I added
the new disciplines.

My problem is that there is a macro on the Project Details form that
activates when you double-click the Employee (now "Owner") field. It is
supposed to open the Employee Details Form. Now, no matter which discipline
I double-click, only the entry in the Employee field opens.

The Employee Details field includes a link to the Projects table. I noticed
that although I've added the other disciplines to the Project Details form,
those Employees do not show the Projects on their own "Projects" tab (per the
Employees Detail form). So, I think this may have something to do with it.

Anyway, I've tried several things and put a few hours into figuring it out,
and I'm stuck. So, if you're familiar with this template, or can send me to
a place where I can get help with the template, that would be appreciated.

Thank you.

John... Visio MVP

Steve said:
I provide help with Access, Excel and Word applications for a reasonable
fee. If you would like my help, contact me.


No you do not, you are suffering under the delusion that you actual have
some skills. You have proved many times in this and other newsgroups, that
you have no skills in any of these areas.

These newsgroups are provided by Microsoft for FREE peer to peer support.
There are many highly qualified individuals who gladly help for free. Stevie
is not one of them, but he is the only one who just does not get the idea of
"FREE" support. He offers questionable results at unreasonable prices. If he
was any good, the "thousands" of people he claims to have helped would be
flooding him with work, but there appears to be a continuous drought and he
needs to constantly grovel for work.

A few gems gleaned from the Word New User newsgroup over the Christmas
holidays to show Stevie's "expertise" in Word.

Dec 17, 2008 7:47 pm

Word 2007 ..........
In older versions of Word you could highlght some text then go to Format -
Change Case and change the case of the hoghloghted text. Is this still
available in Word 2007? Where?
Thanks! Steve

Dec 22, 2008 8:22 pm

I am designing a series of paystubs for a client. I start in landscape and
draw a table then add columns and rows to setup labels and their
corresponding value. This all works fine. After a landscape version is
completed, I next need to design a portrait version. Rather than strating
from scratch, I'd like to be able to cut and paste from the landscape
version and design the portrait version.

Dec 24, 2008, 1:12 PM

How do you protect the document for filling in forms?

One of my favourites:
Dec 30, 2008 8:07 PM - a reply to stevie
(The original poster asked how to sort a list and stevie offered to create
the OP an Access database)
Yes, you are right but a database is the correct tool to use not a

Not at all. If it's just a simple list then a spreadsheet is perfectly

John... Visio MVP

Gina Whipp


While I am not familary with the database template I do not want you to
think the services in this forum are anything but FREE. Please hang on for
one of the qualified VOLUNTEERS who for FREE will be able to help you.

Gina Whipp

"I feel I have been denied critical, need to know, information!" - Tremors

Larry Daugherty

The volunteers responding in these Access newsgroups are very unlikely
to have bothered with the analysis of a template application from the
Microsoft site.

You are more likely to receive relevant suggestions and solutions if
you start by explaining what it is *in the real world* you are trying
to do. Only then, and to the extent that you have researched and made
assumptions about how to go about achieving your desired results, you
might include that information too.

Access *macros* are not at all embraced nor supported by professional
level developers to create robust applications. What other Microsoft
platforms refer to as "macro" is VBA code. In Access, VBA is
referred to simply as VBA -heavily coded and confusing, right? :)
What is referred to as a "macro" in Access is a somewhat interpretive
paradigm delivered in Access alone. Due to a host of problems and
limitations, professional developers don't use them.

With the advent of Access 2007, Microsoft Access provides "Embedded
Macro" capabilities. I haven't the least curiosity about them. I
believe them to be just one more thing that Microsoft has introduced
to try to make Access more amenable to power users. Historically,
everything that MS has introduced to make Access more "friendly" to
those who don't understand it has led them into deep water and then
abandoned them.

I realize that this doesn't help you with your immediate issue.
However, it may help you understand a little more about Access.



Thanks to those who offered some insight here. Let me provide a little update.

Although I don't do it every day, I know how to make SQL databases from code
(not complex ones, mind you, but the basics). In my case, rather than
starting from scratch, I thought the Template would save me some time and do
the job.

As a way for tracking the information, it works great. I'm fully capable of
modifying the tables, forms, and reports. But, there is a little nuance in
the original code; some embedded script (probably VBA) that opens a 2nd form
when you double-click a field in the 1st form (I mentioned the specific forms

I'm sure everyone here has gone through the joy of reviewing someone else's
code, and you all know how much fun that is. I was hoping someone could
either direct me to the original poster of the template (there aren't that
many templates on MS' web site, and I thought maybe it came from MS
themselves), or at least someone who was familiar with this particular
template and knows what I'm referring to.

Anyway, thanks for the offers and the insights. Now, if someone could
please show me the way... ;)


Thank you, Gina. Of course, if this post belongs in a different section of
the Forum, please let me know.

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