Help creating a shift rota spreadsheet



I need to create a spreadsheet that contains information of my teams yearly
shift rota.
The sheet needs to contain the following info, workers names, shift times
and what office they are working in.
We cover 4 shifts(6.30am, 7am 8am 10am) when someone is on holiday or sick,
the 8am shift backfills that workers shift.

My current sheet has the worker names in rows and the days in columns, and
the shift times in the cells.
Is there a macro i can use that when i add the holiday to the sheet it
automatically moves the 8am shift person to cover the holiday persons shift?

Also as we only work monday to friday is their something i can use to just
display a years view of these days?

Finally(i think) i would like to add a drop down menu so i can pick out a
worker and the view will change to the yearly view for that worker, thus
enabling me to quickly see how much holiday or sick they have taken?

All help advice very much appreciated



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