Help!! cannot clear breakpoints from Access VBA



Hi, I cannot clear breakpoints from Access VBA.

There are no breakpoints in the program; Ctrl_Shift+F9
has click before close and re-start the program.

But Debug function auto starts and stay in one line of
program without showing breakpoints mark.

I'd like to be able to clear all of breakpoints without
stop at any breakpoints while runs the program.

Can anyone help? thanks.
Any tip is appreciated.



I am coming to answer myself. ^^

I don't find the answer for this odds behavior, but I do
solve teh problem. I just delete few lines code
with "ghost" breakpoints, and retype them. The problem
of "cannot clear breakpoints" are gone.

Just update and thanks for reading.


Kailash Kalyani

Probably the code is causing some sort of runtime error, in which case an
error message would pop up. Or it could be the command stop which causes
code to pause execution in the editor.

Paul Overway

It appears you are suffering from the "phantom breakpoint" bug. You need to
do one of the following:

1) Edit code and recompile...the edit doesn't need to actually change
anything, i.e., overwrite a line with the same command(s) it already
2) Import everything to a new database and recompile
3) Compile your database as an MDE
4) Open your database with the undocumented /decompile command line switch
and then recompile

Personally, I like #4 the best.

Bill Taylor

All good answers. I have had success every time with the Clear All
Breakpoints command from the debug menu.
Aug 19, 2022
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JJ's answer is quickest and easiest. I just cut the code that has the phantom breakpoint, save, recompile and re-paste the code straight back and it worked fine for me.

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