Help: bdd 2007 and Legal Notice after joining the domain.



I'm currently having a problem with developing a BDD deployement solution at
my company.
As part of every Windows XP machine that is joined to our Active Directory
Domain and GPO is set to show a Legal Notice before login. The problem is
that as soon as Widnows XP is installed (using BDD) upon the next reboot
(before the install of applications) the Legal Notice prevents the autologon

I know about the registry entries to supress this, and have tried using
custom tasks to push the registry settings to the Windows XP machine.
I have also tried using the
and Startup folder to put a CMD file which will remove the registry entries.

All without any success...

I know I can skip the join of the domain as part of the Windows XP process
and then write a custom solution later, but this is not something I want to
do, I want to try to use the default BDD processes as much as possible.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



If displaying the notice after logon would be acceptable, put a line into a
login script which launches it in Notepad. That would avoid the autologon

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