Help! Bad Install of OneCare... Failed to Remove PC-Cillin




I had been using Live OneCare Trial Version under Media Center Edition 2005.
Vista Upgrade Advisor informed me of compatibility issues, so I uninstalled
it. I installed Vista RC1 as an upgrade. Vista's Security Center reported no
virus detection, and directed me to PC-Cillin 14.56 for Vista RC1 (the only
option), which I downloaded and installed. The installation hung on the
installation of the Firewall then hung the whole computer.... couldn't even
shutdown... had to press the power button! :( A custom reinstalled without
the Firewall seemed to go OK.

Today an e-mail notified me of the availability of Live OneCare Beta (v1.5)
suitable for Vista RC1. Hmmmm... choices. I elected to download and install.

Part way through the installation, a message appeared informing me of a
conflict with PC-Cillin, and gave me the option to remove it. I selected
"Remove", and immediately an error message appeared.

Keen to report the error, I fumbled around trying to figure out how to use
the Error-reporting Tool. This is another story, but here goes. I had earlier
followed the links from my desktop ("How to share feedback"), and subsequent
instructions, but all I ended up with was a program called "File Transfer
Manager" with no obvious way to input error reports , and no associated help.
Anyway, in my frustration, I closed the window containing the error code for
the suspect installation of Live OneCare.

In Control Panel: Programs and Features, I can see both "Trend Micro
PC-cillin Internet Security 14" and "Windows Live OneCare".

A few minutes after restarting my computer, I am receiving a message box
stating, "Windows Live OneCare cannot continue: The Windows Live OneCare
service is not working or has been stopped. To correct this problem, try
restarting your computer. If the problem persists, contact support."

I also noticed the Defender icon with an exclamation mark informing that
Defender had been turned off.

What do I do now to try and untangle things? I really think that it should
be made abundantly clear (i. e. big flashing lights and sirens) that
previously installed anti-virus software should be UNINSTALLED MANUALLY,
before attempting to install Windows Live OneCare.


Same problem here. Now neither PC-Cillin or WOC is running. I've tried to
remove PC-Cillin and every time now I go to the Uninstall option for it,
Vista tells me that the option to Uninstall is only available for programs
currently installed. I think something is hanging the complete uninstall of
Trend Micro's PC-Cillin and therefore is causing WOC 1.5 to not be able to
install. That is my guess.


Same problem here. I'm thinking something is keeping PC-Cillin from
completely uninstalling as when I click on the option from the Programs menu
to uninstall it now Vista tells me that the Uninstall option is only
available for programs currently installed.



Thank goodness PC-cillin comes with a seperate program called PCCTool.exe.
You should be able to find it in Program Files > Trend Micro >
PCC14.56_VistaBeta2 > Tools. (It's got me beat why I can't find it using
Vista's Search feature on the Start Menu).

Double-click it. And select the Tab (B)Uninstall, then Uninstall. I don't
remember if there are any more hurdles to the uninstall. It is a God-send of
a feature, and I'm a bit sad to have abandoned PC-cillin, but one has to

To be sure, I also uninstalled Live OneCare, then reinstalled without a
problem... except, I can't figure out whether or not Defender is supposed to
be turned off (which happens after every restart)... and whether or not the
scheduled scans in Live OneCare do scan for spyware as well as viruses.

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