Help!!!! Autolookup another problem


Mike Farmer

After getting help with Autolookup, I have run into another problem.

I have a form that has four categories of information to be entered.
They are patient information, referral information, billing information
& appointment information. Three of the categories require the entry of
an address. I am using autolookup to grab the "city" and "state" once I
enter the "zip code" This information is contained in a zip code table
containing over 4,000 zip codes with the corresponding city, state &

The similar fields on the form have different names i.e.: patient
information zip, referral information zip, etc.

The problem arises when I complete the autolookup design for the first
category say: Patient information. When I go to test it, I find that
many of the previously entered zip codes (maybe 100 out of over 400
records)have changed.

i.e.: where most of the zip codes were Pennsylvania Zips beginning in
15... the zips now begin with 3.... and the cities and states have
changed also.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Mike Farmer

My Zip Code table had an "Auotnumber" Primary Key. I deleted the field
and made the Zip Code field itself the primary key and the problem went
away. Don't know why, but all is right with the world for now and my
simple database works the way I expected.

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