Help: ATI AIW 128 PRO & MMC - W2000 : Need REGISTRY help I think



I am having two audio problems with all versions of MMC going back to
version 7. 0 that came with the ATI AIW 128 Pro. I am using SB Live
audio card with it. Here they are:

1. If I go to record something in the TV mode, when the program opens,
it automatically sets the RECORD input to LINE IN, which is not where
the tuner audio comes in. In fact, the ONLY way I can get captured
audio is to manually bring up the RECORD MIXER window and manually
select STEREO MIX (master audio record level) as the record input.
So, how can I force MMC (I think you have to hack the registry) to
open using the STEREO MIX record input instead ot the LINE IN? Or,
how can I force the TV Tuner to output it's audio to the LINE OUT plug
on the ATI card, that plugs into the LINE IN on the sound card? I'm
surprised no one else has encountered this problem, as could find
nothing on the AIW site about this.

1) Using GUIDE PLUS that came with the card, if I select a program to
record, it comes on and records the video just perfectly, but no
matter what RECORD INPUT I select from the record mixer window, no
audio will be captured along with the video. (I assume there must be
a registry hack for this one too, is that correct?)

I filled out a trouble report to ATI, but am not sure they received it
as they never acknowledged anything yet. I just found about this
newsgroup last night, and I expect that this is the right place to
find a definitive answer.

Also, I just installed MMC as the link was mentioned earlier
in this newsgroup, and I made the mistake of selecting AIW VCR
settings instead of MPEG, and none of the captured video was
compatible with Virtual Dub or Ulead Video Studio or any of the other
video programs. So, what do I do to completely un-install MMC 7.7
then re-install it to use MPEG2 instead of AIW VCR default capture?
Is it a simple un-install, reboot, install proceedure or do I have to
clean out the registry too before re-install?

Thanks and thank God I found this newsgroup, as ever since I got the
ATI card there has been one problem or the other with captures.

Strange thing, Virtual Dub does perfect captures using the ATI card
input, but still would like to use the GUIDE features to capture stuff
when otherwise occupied.

Thank you for any advice, solutions, hacks,



I want to let you know that I am having exactly the same problems you
are having. I have also the same equipment...............Sound Blaster
Audigy 2 Platinum and AWI 9700 Pro 128 meg

Have not been able to make is work audio when


OK Joe, well my problem appears to be solved.

What I did was upgrade to MMC, first time out it would not
work correctly. Un-installed it again but the second time I deleted
everything I could find in the ATI directory. I SHOULD have
un-installed GUIDE PLUS at the same time, and started from scratch,
but I only un-installed MMC 7.1, deleted the directories and all my
previous custom capture configurations, rebooted, then reinstalled
MMC7.7.0.1. Well, it still would not work correctly, the scheduling
would not work but now the audio using the TV function would work, but
not if you used GUIDE PLUS and clicked on a show to record. IT would
never start recording and would crash when it came time for the show
to start taping.

Then, I removed GUIDE PLUS, (which had been recently upgraded to the
latest version using the built-in online updater), deleted all the
GUIDE directories, rebooted. Then I installed the original version
of Guide Plus which came on the ATI CD that came with the ATI AIW 128
Pro card, and then rebooted again.

Well, to my surprise and I can't see any reason why, it's all working
now. BTW, before I installed the older version of guide plus, but had
the new MMC installed.

Somehow the AIW TV AUDIO CROSSBAR must have gotten screwed up along
the line, and it was re-routing the audio from the TV tuner to the
wrong place. I guess reinstalling everything from scratch somehow got
it correct. From reading this newsgroup, the sequence in which you
install the various portions of the software appears to be relevant.

About your AUDIGY card, while searching in this newsgroup a few days
back (tell your reader to load ALL the messages in this group) there
was a thread about your card having "issues" with ATI cards. I'm sure
one of the resident experts can set you straight.

Anyway, that's what appears to have worked for me.


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