Help - aspx Pages Not Working Correctly on My Web Server



Hello guys,

I am using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition. Yesterday
I installed IIS from the "Application Server" category in Add/Remove
Windows components. Afterwards I also installed from there.
But then I discovered I really need 2.0. Since I already have
the 2.0 framework installed on my server, I went to the IIS snap in
and changed to version 2.0 there. I also checked server
extensions to make sure 2.0 is allowed.

But now my problem...My aspx pages will not load. As a test I created
a very simple html page and named it default.aspx. When I click on it
in Windows Explorer, I get a download prompt. When I choose open, it
prompts me again with the download prompt. If I browse the aspx page,
I just get a blank browser window.

What can I do to get this working properly?


You can't just click or double click on it, with Explorer- you must access
it as a web page, on a web serverhttp://servernamd/default.aspx

David Wier

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Yeah I know. Sorry about not being clear on that. The real problem is
that it just shows a blank page when I try to hit it with a browser.

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