Help!-AD recovery


Paul Shi


Any help and insight into the problem will be much

My w2k server cannot boot with directory service,
reading "isass.exe-system error: security accounts manager
initialization failed because of the following error:
directory service cannot start."

It had a power failure the day before.

I had checked the path and security of the NTDS direcotory
and all the data and log file within. It is OK.

The soft recovery/repair or integrity check at directory
restore mode failed with error "operation failed with
error-1018 <jet_errreadverifyfailure,checksum error on a
database page" or "dbinitializejetdatabase failed with jet

The problem for me is that the server did not have AD
datafile or logfile backup.

Is there way to recover the AD other than rebuild the box?
Can I use datafile/logfile from another DC in the domain?




If this is a standard DC and you have other DC's then just rebuild the box, replication will rebuild it all through dcpromo.exe. If it held fsmo roles then you will need to seize those roles before you bring this box up. Also don't forget that any info you had on here unrelated to AD will need to be rebuilt, but hopefully you only use this as a DC and re-enable the Global Catalog if need be

Paul Bergson MCT, MCSE, CNE, CNA, CCA

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