HELP! - Access 2007 DB with Digital Signature, Trying to create MD



Access 2007 DB with Digital Signature, Trying to create MDE

For years now, we've been using a Thawte digital signature to sign our VBA
code in our Access 2003 applications. This has always worked great. We
would simply open the MDB, digitally sign the code, and create an MDE for

Recently, we've had to upgrade to Access 2007. We open the MDB in Access
2007, and everything works in Access 2002 - 2003 file format compatibility
mode. However, whenever we digitally sign the code in Access 2007 and try to
create an MDE, we get an error and the MDE is created without the VBA code
being signed.

The error occurs when we click the create MDE button. The error is:

Modifications to the database or project have invalidated the associated
digital signature.
This may require you to make a trust decision the next time you open the
database or project.

Please help! We need to be able to digitally sign our code and create the
MDE in Access 2007. It doesn't appear that upgrading to Access 2007 format
and creating a ACCDC file will suit our needs.

Can someone, anyone help us figure out what we need to do to be able to open
our MDB in Access 2007, digitally sign it, and create an MDE?




Paul Shapiro

I'm using Access 2007 and it seems to work. I sign the .mdb, also using a
Thawte certificate, and then create the .mde. I didn't get any errors. But I
looked just now and the .mde was not digitally signed. I added the signature
directly to the .mde (same process as the .mdb - <Alt><F11> opened the VBA
editor and allowed me to apply the digital signature) and now it looks

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