Heavy troubles with clearcase + VS 7.1


Stefan Slapeta

Has anybody already made experiences with clearcase under VS 7.1? It's not
possible to convert any VS 6.0 project that has been under source control.
If you do so, you get an "Unknown error" with almost every further action
you do in VS! Furthermore, I get a linker error with these "semi converted"
projects: cannot find libmmt.lib.

Thanks for your help


Andreas Magnusson

Some of the errors can be fixed if you open RegEdit and go to:
and change the key "SCCServerPath" from "ccscc.dll" to the *full path* to
the dll, which might be "C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\bin\ccscc.dll"
or something else depending on where you installed it.


Stefan Slapeta

Thank you for your help! With the English version, everything works fine
after applying your "fix". Was just the german one that didn't work

Regards, Stefan

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