Shouldn't talk about your Hubby that way !

I have found that a lot of online games of that type are setup for a screen
resolution of 800 x 600.
You have to change the resolution to see it full screen.

Jimmy S.


| please help me make this game full screen

To make one of the Windows Games such as Hearts larger:

First, copy the game:
Click Start / All Programs / Games
Right click on the Hearts game
Select Properties from the list
Press the "Find Target" button on the next window
Right Click on the highlighted file and select Copy

Next paste the copy to your Desktop:
Right Click on your Desktop
Select Paste from the list

Finally, we'll change the resolution setting for the game:
Right click on the game you just pasted to your Desktop
Select Properties from the list and Click on the Compatibility Tab
Put a check in the box marked "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution"

Now whenever you want to play, click on that game on your Desktop and it
will open in full screen mode using the largest Cards and Numbers possible! :)

Cheers, Windows XP MVP Shell / User
Jimmy S. http://mvp.support.microsoft.com

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Jimmy S.

You're welcome Ron. :)

As Paul posted, yes, that's pretty much the case..
Unfortunately, compatibility mode only supports 640x480
so you would have to change the display settings for any
other resolution setting.


| | > Jimmy - Is there a way to have it run in 800 X 600 ?
| Only manually I believe, right-click the desktop, go to settings and move
| the slider to 800x600, just keep a note at where it was to start with.
| --
| Paul Smith,
| Yeovil, UK.
| http://www.dasmirnov.net/
| http://windows.dasmirnov.net/ Windows XP Resource Site.
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I would like to remove Hearts from my computer. Yes it is killing my
productivity! When I delete it and put it in Recycle I then "empty recycle"
and it appears to be gone but when I search for it I find it once again. Yes
this is like the old joke "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" and the doc
replies "then don't do that". Thank you for your help



Chris H.

Hearts is actually a protected system file, and the system will put it back
on the next restart of the computer. The best you can do is remove the link
itself so it isn't there to launch the game. :cool:
Chris H.
Microsoft Windows MVP/Tablet PC
Tablet Creations - http://nicecreations.us/
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