headers and footers


Mark Wildman

I have completed a document and wish to add headers and
footers. When I click on view and then on Headers and
footers nothing shows on the document. I am in print
layout format. I did not that when I clickon original as
opposed to final mark up it will show a header/footer but
then it reverts my document to its error prone state!



Dayo Mitchell

Sounds like you are using Track Changes? You have to Accept or Reject all
the changes to actually get your doc out of "its error prone state".
Clicking final markup just gives you a look at what the doc would
hypothetically be, not what it is. So your doc isn't yet complete.

Look in the Tools menu for a command like Accept or Reject Changes, or
Review Changes. You should be able to just Accept All Change, if you want
to. Then you can turn off Track Changes.


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