Headers and Footers



I've been doing document templates and have protected
these documents with a password.

I want to be able to modify/edit the footer as well as the
header. My problem is that on a protected form I can't do
anything with the headers. I want to be able to do this on
a protected form, going to view then header/footer is not
an option, it doesn't work.

Anyone who knows how that can be achieved please help.

Immediate response will be highly appreciated.



Word Heretic

G'day "TM" <anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com>,

Unprotect the document, fiddle it, protect it.

Steve Hudson - Word Heretic
Want a hyperlinked index? S/W R&D? See WordHeretic.com

steve from wordheretic.com (Email replies require payment)

TM reckoned:

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