HDD Not Showing Up in XP Pro, But Is Recognized During BOOT.


Holy Crikey

One of my HDD, partition D, gets recognized and is shown during the
BOOT process. However, my XP Pro doesn't recognize it at all. It's a
Western Digital 80GB HDD and this just happened recently, after having
used it happily for a couple of years now.

I thought at first that it was the hard drive hardware issue, but
since it does get recognized during BOOT, but XP Pro can't see it, I
thought I'd pose a question in here to see if there are things I can
try to resolve this problem.

I've gone into Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Disk
Management and took a look and the HDD, the D partition, is not listed
at all as well.

Can someone think of as to why this may be happening? Any
suggestions, tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for
your time and courtesy!


Go to run,type:cmd In cmd type:DiskPart In DiskPart type:list disk Type:
list volume Type:HELP for all cmds

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