HD Sentinel free - for a few more hours



Yousuf Khan said:
One of the best HD utils out there.


You have to go through a questionnaire to get the serial
number posted. Unless you have FaceButt, in which case I think it's
just a clickerty-click. Valid for all future upgrades.
Already have HDS licensed. Been with them for several years.

Same here. This thing is well worth the price and the people
writing it really understand what they are doing. Software
of this quality-level has gotten rare today.

If you want HDD monitoring on Windows, get this. Nothing compares.



I used HDS 3.something a couple of years ago but I stopped because it kept
telling me that a random drive was in danger of imminent failure. I'd check
back an hour later and all was good. I figured I couldn't trust it, but it
sounds like it may have improved since then. I see that the current version
is 4.50.

Bought the Pro version years ago. No problems yet (except when
I update, I get a "please contact HD Sentinel whatever" then suddenly
it registers itself. I have it blocked with my firewall, so I have no
idea what happens that makes it decide I'm legit.
Saved my bacon on my last hard drive, which was accumulating
bad sectors quickly. Had time to backup before it broke.
Using 4.5.1b ATM.

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