Hd light stays on


Jim in Arizona

I saw your message (after all, there aren't very many on this group).

I honestly do not know what would cause such an unusual behavior. Is
something going on with the hardware itself perhaps? If you have the time
(nothing better to do) and the drive to do so, perhaps you could reinstall
and see if the problem continues after a fresh install. That's probably what
I would do anyway after reaching a level of frustration about it which gave
me no other option.

So, if you boot up and just use the computer as normal (without opening the
CD drive) for a day or two, will things work fine even though the HDD light
stays on? Does the light stay on without any blinking of any kind (a steady
light), or does it blink quickly and chaotically as if it's accessing data?
Can you hear the hard drive being accessed while the light is on?



Is this a non-issue?

I asked in a Sept 30 message, Subject: "Re: HD light on until I open/close
DVD door," about the red hd light staying on until I open and close the DVD
drive door.
No one has responded, so I'm giving a last try. :)



Just a guess;
Tried deleting all temp files
Do you have burning software auto running? - maybe it has a hook to
something previously burnt that either stored temp files on the HD or
otherwise accessed the HD


Thanks for the replies.
Good questions. Yes, if I don't open the DVD/CD drive door for a day or so,
all works fine. HD light is steady, & I hear no disk access.
I'm not frustrated enough, since there seem to be no problems. :)

I had InCD as a startup, but removing it did nothing. No previously burnt
hooks AFAIK.


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