HD audio bus drivers - freshly loaded IBM t60/t42 or other

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I have run into this issue with both the t42 and t60 laptops from IBM/Lenovo.
When you try to install the audio drivers downloaded from there website you
get a message "The HDA Audio bus driver is required and not found.". They
are not kind enough to point to a location where you can actually download
this driver. After many Google searches and digging around on MS’s poor
excuse for a website, I found I needed KB888111. In there infinite wisdom
and keeping in tune with there overall poor site design MS didn’t offer a
download link. Fortunately before formatted the factory IBM load I made a
ghost image of it. I was able to find the file 88811us.exe buried in c:\
IBMTOOLS\DRIVERS\UAAHDA2K, which did the trick. I hope this post can help
save someone else some time. Nothing like a 1 hour sound driver install to
end the day!

itsjustme via WinServerKB.com

If you have access to the factory load you will find the XP file in c:\
IBMTOOLS\DRIVERS\UAAHDAXP\. There are two sub directories, xpsp1 and xpsp2,
the file is named 888111us.exe in each.

Microsoft gives you everything but the file on
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888111. Thanks for being so easy to work
with Microsoft!


Hi Itsjustme,

Could you send me the file?
My email is (e-mail address removed)

Thank you for your kindly help.


Feb 14, 2008
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link to file

Hi All.

IBM/Lenovo published patch Q888111 in their web at 27th septebmer 2007:
or sumar patch is in:

You must instalation this patch as first. Then you can instalation audio driver (or other drivers whitch related to bus).
I was try it and all runing good.
In web, it is note that patch can instalation only United States version.

I am sorry to my bad english :)