Having a hyperlink disappear after clicking it



I'm currently trying to build a Jeopardy style game with Powerpoint and I'm
creating a series of hyperlinks that go from the main board, to the answer,
to the question and then back to the board again. Is there a way that I can
have the main board selection ($100 etc.)disappear after clicking on it and
not reappearing for the rest of the game?

Rick Altman

Yes, there are two ways, one of them is simple (and not terribly attractive)
and one of them is much more elegant...and complicated. The simpler one:

Design your gameboard with numbers in their squares, and program hyperlinks
into the numbers to trigger the question and answer. Then go to your color
scheme and set the "visited link" color to be the same as the background of
the number. That will make the number essentially disappear when clicked.

I chose against this technique for the PowerPoint Live Trivia Contest b/c it
requires that you click directly on the number (not just on the square) and
also because when you attach a hyperlink to a string of text, it becomes
underlined. There is no way around that, and I think it looks tacky.

So I went with the more elaborate technique:

Each square on the board gets two squares, one directly atop the other. The
one on top (the blue one) does not appear until its animation tells it to,
and it is told to when the game master clicks on the bottom one (the red
one). So clicking the red square makes the blue square appear and clicking
the blue square goes off and does the question. The entire game is on a loop
and all slides except the game board are hidden; therefore, any simple
advancement of slides with Space or Right returns you to the game board.

This is hard to visualize, so take a look at a sample at


To keep the file small, I have only included Q&A for the first two columns.
Click on those squares to be taken to the questions and from there just
press Space to show the answer and then return to the game board.

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