Have both records from two queries/tables under one Query without related fields.

Aug 31, 2012
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I don't really know the best way to word this but:
I'm trying to join two tables in a query. Table 1 has AssociateID and VTDate, Table 2 as AssociateID and NSDate.

What can happen is, an associate could have a Tally (Table1) for a date, but possible to not have a NS entry (Table2), that's easy to join/relate. But at the same time, an associate can have an NS Entry (Table2) but not have a Tally (Table 1) to relate to.

I want to be able to pull up ALL of Table #1 Records even if Joined/Related Fields from Table #2 doesn't exist AND pull up ALL Records from Table #2 even if Joined/Related Fields from Table #1 doesn't exist and have both records in ONE query.

Is this possible?

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