Hard drive space question - apt won't install



I recently got a new eMachine with XP that said it had a 160 GB SATA
11 (Showed 2 up / down lines) Hard Drive. My 98 box died and this had
XP and was priced good. When I got it set up it showed a OS (C:)
drive that had 13.2GB used and 56.1GB free plus a DATA (D:) drive that
had 101MB used and 69.7GB free. these are the right numbers. I
doubled checked. Partitioned hard drive??

When I tryed to install my MahJongg game which took about 2MB on old
box I was told there was not enough room to install it. I tryed both
C: & D: drive and got same response several times. But yet I turned
around and installed Acrobat 9 on C: drive with no problem and that is
a bit larger!! Nor have I had problems installing any of my other
problems. I tryed installing on the root drive as well as in "Program
Files" which was the default install setup with same response.

I have only had this box with XP about a week so am not really up on
it. Am a 98 user. If I knew it would work alright I would wipe this
clean and put 98 on it. Any suggestions or ideas what is going on??


John John - MVP

Just a suggestion and I'm not sure that it will work but it's easy to
try. Right click on the MahJongg installation file and click on
Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and select "Run this program
in compatibility mode for..."



You probably have an old version of MahJongg designed for win 98, if John's
suggestion doesnt work, get an upgraded version designed to run on Vista. -
it runs fine on my Vista PC

PS Its doubtfull you would be able to install win98, since drivers would not
be available


I did that and it worked. Ran it in the 98 / ME mode.

Thanks much. I hate learning these new system which I have done
enough of what with starting out when DOS 5 was the thing. Sometimes
I am temped to try linux but then I hear that is quite the learning

Thanks again all.

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